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University entrance

Information for Parents

Documents from our recent Parent Information Evening are here:

Information sheet and the presentation

English speaking universities

The English National Programme offers counselling and advice to students in the lycée who wish to apply to English-speaking universities. Mrs Woodburn is responsible for this counselling and she can be contacted at lwoodburn@enpferney.org

As well as workshops and one-to-one guidance we offer parent information evenings.

Many of our students apply to British universities, applying via the UCAS website.

Students apply in smaller numbers to US, Canadian, Dutch and Australian universities.

OIB and University entrance

For details on the OIB /BFI  and UK University entrance, see this link to UCAS QIP (Qualification Information Profile).

The OIB is now distinguished from the standard Baccalauréat Général in two important ways: first, it is established as the equivalent of four A Levels (as opposed to three A Levels for the standard Baccalauréat Général); and second, it makes clear that linguistic performance is assessed following expectations of first language usage of academic English, with an expected level of C1 and above. This will be a helpful point of reference to support university applications this year.


Information on Fees for English Universities

Now that the UK has left the European Union, there are changes to rules about fees for EU and EEA /Swiss students.  UK passport holders will qualify for home fees until 2028 under certain conditions.  Full details are available form the Department for Education here.  

Other universities

Many of the Programme's students also choose to pursue their studies in France or Switzerland, attending universities in Paris, Lyon, Geneva or Lausanne, to give a few examples.

Although the Programme does not offer counselling for applications in French-speaking countries, this is available in the Lycée. Students should contact the 'conseiller d'orientation' in the Lycée.