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Secondary school trips


History-Geography Trips

Russia – February 2019 

Première students visit Russia and the tour includes visiting the main historical sites and museums in both St Petersburg and Moscow with a strong focus on learning about the Russian Revolution and the communist regime under Stalin, which is an integral part of the 1ère curriculum.  The itinerary includes making an overnight train journey from St Petersburg to Moscow


Berlin – April 2019

The repeat of this popular and exciting trip to Berlin for Troisième students is packed with historical and iconic visits: Story of Berlin museum, the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church, the Berlin Wall museum and Checkpoint Charlie, the former Stasi prison, Höhenschonhausen, and then the Stasi museum, Alexanderplatz, the Museum of the GDR…then return flight to France.


English Department Trips

Stratford-upon-Avon and London – June 2019

For the fifth year running the Seconde students go on a four- day trip to London and Stratford with a predominately Shakespeare focus. Students see performances in London at the Globe theatre and Stratford upon Avon, Their OIB studies are supported with a workshop and set text talk in Stratford and a theatre tour and context workshop in London.

In addition to this residential trip, the English department run frequent local trips to theatre performances and film screenings relevant to the English literature curriculum.