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GSO Test

Students in ENP sit the following exams:



IGCSE French - optional exam offered to all 3eme students in ENP

GCSE Statistics - obligatory exam for all 3eme students taking English Maths as an option


Both of the above exams are UK exams.


3eme students also prepare for and take the international component of their Brevet. Students will sit all the common written exams of the Brevet but Students in International Sections are examined in a slightly different way for their History-Geography and their Language-Literature disciplines, which then give them a special “mention” in their Brevet Diploma.  International section students will have two specific oral exams in language and literature and history-geography.


For History-Geography the exam comes in two parts, a written and oral exam. The written exam is the same for all students in the school, regardless of whether they are in an international section or not. The exam is in French. The exam can be on anything studied in the 3eme year so students must revise everything they have done with both French and British teachers so far. For students in international sections, they also do an oral exam in the language of their section (English for ENP students). The oral exam works slightly differently than the written in that the questions are released in advance. Students are given a selection of key issues from the programme to prepare and choose one by random to be examined on during the day of the exam. These questions get released about a month or so before the exam date.


In English Language-Literature there will be a 20-minute oral exam.  Students have to compile a folder of different texts. These texts will all be linked by a theme of their choice. Pupils are also required to write a poem or piece of creative writing on the theme. This needs to be accompanied with a 500-word commentary on their writing choices. They will not present this, but the examiner may ask questions about it. This is examined and marked by ENP staff.



IGCSE English Language - obligatory exam for all 2nde students in ENP.

IGCSE English Literature - obligatory for all 2nde students in ENP.

IGCSE Maths - obligatory exam for all 2nde students taking English Maths as an option


The above exams are UK exams. Most UK universities will expect applicants to have some pre-16 qualifications, such as GCSE English and maths, or their equivalents.



AS GCE Maths - obligatory exam for all 1ere students taking English Maths as an option


Please note that English Maths in 1ere can only be taken by students who achieve a grade 7 or higher in their IGCSE Maths exam in 2nde.

This exam is an UK exam.


1ere sees the start of OIB preparation.

In English, pupils study set texts across all literature genres, Drama, Poetry and Prose. Final assessment is through a 4-hour written paper and a 30-minute Oral exam. Both exams require pupils to show a confident and critical appreciation of Literature, basing their personal response on evidence from the texts and the contexts in which it was written.

In History-Geography, students will take an A-Level equivalent exam administered by Cambridge International Exams. The exam also entails an oral element which involves the answering of an analytical style question where pupils must develop their own arguments related to an important key issue.


All UK exams incur an entry fee which will be communicated to families during the school year.