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Learning in Confinement 

 ENP Plans for Provision in the event of a school closure in the academic year 2021-22

(Please note our provision will be in line with the guidance of the Lycée Proviseur and the Collège Principal )

We will...

Ensure appropriate work is set regularly and following the days and times of the usual timetable.   Teachers will upload an outline for each week including the times of any virtual lessons in advance, for the timetabled ENP lessons for that week, to allow students and families to plan and manage their time.

 Deliver a mix of work to complete independently and live/virtual lessons according to specific curriculum requirements.   “Live” virtual lessons do not fully replicate an in-school lesson and on their own are not necessarily pedagogically effective, as students need time to read and work through activities on their own as well. 

 Run live online lessons once per two hours of scheduled lessons, (this may be for part of the lesson time), during the allocated slot. This could be to present new material, offer feedback, allow for questions and discussion, evaluate progress and understanding as well as to maintain contact with classes.

 Record all work on Pronote as well as using alternative appropriate online platforms (e.g. Google Classroom) to share resources and facilitate communication.

 Check and give feedback on written work submitted.

 Monitor completion and quality of work, even if marks are not to be recorded on Pronote and alert parents to any issues.


Students will need to...

 Indicate their presence by showing work or putting 'present' at the time of their ENP timetabled lesson, using the communication/discussion tab on Pronote. 

Submit work to the teacher in the way and time set by each individual teacher (e.g. end of the lesson/day/week/by next lesson- workload and style dependent) via Pronote, MyMaths or Google classroom.

During live lessons, log onto the lesson on time, with camera on.  Participate actively as required by teacher and respond in video lesson (orally or using “chat” function) if requested to by teacher. 


We ask parents to...

Support their children’s progress by ensuring they have the facilities and conditions available to allow the students to do the work.

Communicate any ICT/access issues directly to ENP teachers via email or Pronote as soon as possible (e.g. broken camera, internet access issues, travelling/away from home, illness etc.) 

Check in with children and support them in ensuring deadlines are met as well as helping them develop healthy habits e.g. establishing routines that encourage a healthy 'study-life balance'.