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  • In ENP, we value students as individuals and encourage them to be and to do the best they can.
  • Through the English language and through English-speaking culture we generate inter-cultural understanding, and foster the unique skills and experiences of each person.
  • We build on students’ enjoyment of learning, exploit their motivation and engagement, and encourage responsibility for their own development.
  • We promote reflective, critical and independent thinking to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of life.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 06 November 2014 15:30
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OIB Baccalaureat results 2014

OIB baccalaureat* results for the British option were released last Friday, 4th July. ENP students achieved good overall results in this bilingual and bicultural examination. 18% of candidates obtained the highest distinction of the 'mention très bien' - an overall average of  16/20 and above. One candidate’s average was over 19/20. 25% achieved the 'mention bien', 29% the 'mention assez bien' and 24% achieved a passing mark.  4% were not successful.

See the full results

 *For further details of the International Option of the French Baccalauréat, please visit:  http://www.asiba.info

University places - the emerging picture
Equipped with strong OIB baccalauréat results, many ENP students have obtained admission to their first choice of institution in a range of countries, including England, Scotland, USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Holland and Croatia. They have gained places at a range of institutions. These include Imperial College London, Bath University, Bristol University, Mc Gill University, University of York, Geneva University, Kent University, EPFL Lausanne, Kings College London, UCL, Warwick University, Lyon University, University of Amsterdam, Manchester University, and the University of Virginia. The range of subjects chosen for degree-level study includes Neuroscience, International Justice and the Environment, Medicine, Mathematics and Economics, War Studies, Social Studies, Computer Science, Architecture, Psychology, Politics and Economics, Creative Writing, Music Technology, Automotive Engineering and Microtechnology.

More news of the full range of places gained by the ENP bacheliers of 2014 will be published at the rentrée.

Last Updated on Saturday, 08 November 2014 11:24
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