The Programme aims, in conjunction with the ALA-ELP Association (and as far as places and resources allow, these being defined by the Association’s committee and by the International Lycée and College, Ferney-Voltaire):

  • To provide high quality tuition, within the French educational system, in English, mathematics and/or history geography for mother tongue or fluent second language users of English, as assessed by testing on entry.
  • To provide the teaching, the materials and the experiences necessary for maintaining high academic standards, so as to allow each individual pupil to attain the appropriate level of excellence.
  • To encourage pupils to work and participate with motivation, and to take pride and pleasure in all aspects of their work.
  • To promote fruitful relationships between staff, pupils and parents.
  • To follow UK curricula and teaching practices, adapting them carefully to the Programme’s circumstances, employing qualified English mother-tongue teachers.
  • To teach for and promote the importance of the two French state bilingual examinations: OIB brevet and baccalauréat.
  • To assess its pupils against UK criteria as well as using the French marking system, and to prepare students for appropriate UK public examinations.
  • To promote the ideals and the practice of bilingual and bicultural education.
  • To cooperate with the French school on administration, organisation, assessment and discipline.
  • To follow and to promote amongst students and parents adherence to the rules and procedures of the French school.
  • To offer guidance to students and parents on educational choices.
  • To help prepare students for higher education in English-speaking countries.
  • To actively involve teachers in developing and running the Programme, and to provide training to encourage professional development.
  • To foster good public relations between the Programme and the communities with which and in which it works.

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