The Model United Nations

What is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations. It’s an academic — university and high school level — simulation of UN debates on geopolitical topics. Universities like Harvard, have been organizing these simulations for a long time.

The aim of MUN is to motivate students to care about international relations. It helps them to develop their debate skills, to learn how to write resolutions and to engage themselves in several different causes. MUN is the best way to broaden their horizons.

Furthermore, in the “Club MUN/MFNU” — completely run by students — debates take an interesting direction since it is a “bi-language” club. The club has got a great translation team — French/English or English/French — that makes possible the simultaneous translation during debate and the translation of resolutions and press articles.

The Press and Translation teams made possible the organization of a MUN conference, FerMUN, but are also offering to every student participating in the Club and/or the Conference the choice between being a delegate —debating, writing resolutions etc., a member of press — writing articles, taking photographs etc. — or, what we call a translator — interpretation, translation etc.. Students with a wider MUN experience have the possibility of becoming Chair or even member of the Board — Secretary-General, Press Officer, President of the General Assembly etc..

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