Summary of the ENP Maths Curriulum: Collège and Lycée

Students doing the Maths option in the English National Programme in 6ème and 5ème focus on improving their thinking skills by using them to solve Mathematical problems.  They learn new Mathematical skills through problem solving.  The use and application of Mathematics to solve problems is taught using UK-based pedagogical approaches and resources. Students  work in groups and individually to solve problems and to improve their understanding of mathematics.  They complete a number of projects throughout the year and are assessed on their ability to explain their mathematical thinking both orally and in written form.  The course is best suited to those who enjoy Mathematics and who wish to explore the application of Mathematics.

Students doing the Maths option in the English National Programme in 4ème and 3ème prepare during these two years for the GCSE Statistics examination.  This examination is assessed by means of a 2 hour written paper (taken in June at the end of troisième) and a Controlled Assessment Project completed in the second term of 3ème.  This course is suitable for students who enjoy working with numbers and analysing data.  The course will equip students with inquiry and analysis skills.

Students doing the Maths option in 2nde and 1ère  follow the exam syllabii for the GCSE Mathematics and the Advanced Subsidiary Mathematics courses.  This is a demanding programme which leads to a public examination at the end of seconde (GCSE Mathematics) and for suitable candidates to a second public examination (AS Mathematics) at the end of Première.  Students enrolling on this course should have a strong mathematical background, should enjoy the subject and be motivated to work hard to meet the demands of a challenging curriculum taught over two years.

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