Choosing options: Mathematics and History-Geography

English and English Literature are taught for 4 hours a week at almost all levels of the Programme. (The exception to this is terminale where the total is 4.5 hours.)  Other subjects taught in the Programme are termed 'options', since choice is involved.

  • A further 2 hours per week are offered in Mathematics taught in English or in History-Geography.
  • From September 2012 all pupils entering the English National Programme in 6ème must take the History-Geography option. Pupils entering other years can choose which option they wish to take, subject to places being available. Choices in the Collège usually last for two years. Option choice is 6ème is carried on into 5ème; the choice made in 4ème is carried on until the end of 3ème.
  • It is possible to request to take both Mathematics and History-Geography at all levels where Mathematics is taught. This increases the number of hours taught in English per week and also the fees charged by the Programme. Places in the second option requested are subject to availability.
  • The following table briefly sets out the options scheme for Collège and Lycée levels.
  • * Please note that the asterisk in the table below is to show that English National Mathematics may not be combined with Latin (or Latin/Greek), options within the French school.
  • ** Please note that in the new, reformed curriculum in 2nde, ENP Mathematics counts as a choice within the second group of ‘enseignements d’ exploration’. If Mathematics is taken in ENP, no other subject may be taken within this second group. Please see the Lycee ‘fiche d’inscription’ for the list of subjects.
Year Choice Preparing for which public examinations? How long is the choice for?
6ème (Collège) History-Geograph. Mathematics may be requested in addition. None Two years

* 6ème choice carried forward.

4ème(Collège) Maths* or History-Geography. (Or both) The International Option of the Brevet (prepared over two year and taken in 3ème) Two years
3ème(Collège) * 4ème choice carried forward The International Option of the Brevet (taken at the end of 3ème) of which OIB history-geography forms a part

(Students not taking the OIB course take the ordinary 'brevet' at the end of 3ème; History-Geography is examined in French and English yields a continuous assessment mark)

GCSE Statistics taken at end of year

(Preparatory work for Maths and English GCSEs takes place in 3ème)


2nde (Lycée) * * Maths or History-Geography (or both) No examination in History-Geography

GCSE Mathematics taken at end of year

One year: choice made again at end of the 2nde year

ENP Maths is a choice within group 2 of the ‘enseignements d’exploration’ (see the reformed curriculum in 2nde)

1ère (Lycée) History-Geography (or both, exceptionally**)


1ère Mathematics (an internal examination: see 'Options Courses' page) taken at end of year

First year of preparation for International Option of the Baccalauréat (OIB) (an examination taken at the end of 'terminale')

Maths choice: one year

ENP Maths cannot be take with an LV3

History-Geography choice: two years, leading to the final examination, the OIB.

Terminale(Lycée) History-geography
International Option of the Baccalauréat (OIB) (taken at the end of ‘terminale’)


History-geography: second year of the choice made at the beginning of 1ère, leading to the final examination, the OIB.

For further details of the courses, check the relevant option in the Subjects Options category of the Secondary Section. For further details on exams, check the Examinations pages of the Secondary section.

Please read these carefully so as to understand all choices available: these cannot be included in the table above because of lack of space.

Choosing options

  • Each family must fill in a ‘fiche d’inscription’ on paper for the College or Lycee. Take care that the option choice made here matches with choice declared to ENP online (see below). In the case of any discrepancy, it is the option choice on the school’s (paper) form that will be taken into account.
  • For students who are already in the Programme, option choices for ENP for the following year are made in April or May, using the ENP online enrolment website, details of which are sent to parents.
  • This deadline for enrolment is clearly stated in these details. Advice is available from the Programme's staff, but must be asked for promptly, since we require all parents to fill in enrolment details on line by  our deadline.

For students new to the Programme, option choice is made at the point of admission. In certain cases, however, teaching groups are already full, and this means that a subject is allocated by the Programme, rather than a choice given. Priority in the options choice procedure is given to pupils who are already in the Programme.


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