For newcomers to the English National Programme

Welcome to the English National Programme in the French International Lycée, Ferney-Voltaire

The Programme provides high quality tuition in subjects taught in English, at both secondary and primary levels, working in conjunction with the French state educational system. It is run and financed by a parents' association (ALA-ELP).

At primary level, we teach English for one afternoon a week to children who attend local French primary schools.

At secondary level we teach three subjects: English, history-geography and mathematics. Most students take English and one of the two other subjects. All teaching takes places within the Lycée/Collège International. Our main point of reference is the UK  National Curriculum. Pupils are prepared for UK  and international French examinations.

Together with the French school system, we offer the means to achieve true academic bilingualism. For a more detailed introduction to the Programme, see the English National section of the site.

We are part of a network of French Lycées with international sections. Most of these are in France, but some are overseas. For further information in French, select 'OIB' under 'Programmes en gestion' at . See  also the Links with other schools page, which can be found via the Home page of this site.

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