The English National Secondary Programme

Collège and Lycée

A bilingual curriculum

All subjects taught in English are delivered as part of a truly bilingual curriculum, since all other subjects in the Lycée/Collège are taught in French within the French state curriculum.

This curriculum makes full academic demands in these two languages, since subjects are taught, learning takes place, work is done by students and examinations are taken in both languages.

Subjects taught in the secondary Programme

Inthe Collège and Lycée sections of the Programme, three subjects are taught:

  • English
  • History-Geography
  • Mathematics

These subjects are taught in the Programme within subject departments led by a Head of Department whose organisation and working practices are very much like those of an English school. English is taught for 4 hours/ week, rising to 5 in the final year, terminale. The other two subjects are taught for 2 hours/week each. Most students choose to take History-Geography or Mathematics: in the Lycee classes 2nde and 1ere it may be possible to take both.

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