Rules, procedures and safety

The Lycée/Collège school site was not built for the use of smaller children. We must therefore insist that certain rules are obeyed by our pupils, and that all of those involved in the Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon lessons - pupils, teachers and parents - keep elementary safety issues in mind at all times.

  • Please take great care when parking and accompanying your children in and out of the Lycée site. The road outside is busy and can be dangerous. Always cross the road on the marked crossings and do not use the bus lane.
  • Since pupils have to gather and then wait with the teacher until the whole class is present, it is important that they are properly equipped to withstand the weather. They will need coats, hats and raingear in winter, and at the hottest times may well need a hat to protect them from the sun. Please take the measures which you think appropriate for your child.
  • While pupils are in the playground during break-time, they must stay within the limits explained to them by their teachers. They may not play any game involving running or chasing. Ball games, skipping ropes, etc. are not allowed in school. Pupils must follow the instructions of the teachers on duty at all times.
  • When moving around the school, pupils must obey the instructions of their teacher. If they are going somewhere as a class, they must move in pairs (in a ‘crocodile’) quietly and in good order.
  • Any incidents involving the older pupils of the Collège or Lycée behaving inappropriately towards primary pupils should be reported to the class teacher and the Head of Programme immediately.
  • In case of emergency, a pupil who is ill or has had an accident will be taken by the emergency services to the hospital best equipped for the pupil's needs. The family will be informed of this decision immediately.

We believe that the pupils’ own sense of responsibility is the most important factor in ensuring safety in school. For this reason, teachers will spend some time discussing and explaining safety in general and the rules set out above at the beginning of each school year, and at other moments, if necessary.

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