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Lessons in the Programme form an integral part of the bilingual education we offer in conjunction with French primary schools in the Pays de Gex. We expect all pupils to attend all ENP sessions, unless sickness or other exceptional circumstances prevent this. In case of absence, please contact the ENP office by email to explain the reason for this as soon as possible.

You may not withdraw your child temporarily because of activities (such as skiing) organised by the French primary school on an exceptional or regular basis. If you accept a place on the Programme, we ask you to take full and regular advantage of it.

Absences are recorded in the class register each week. They are reported to the family and the French primary Inspector.

We ask all parents to be on time when dropping off and picking up pupils; we expect all pupils to be on time for classes. The primary gate shuts at 13h40 at the start of the session and 17h00 at the end of the session.

If you are late in exceptional circumstances at the start of the session, please note that the lower gate (the primary gate) will be locked and your child should be taken to the main entrance of the Lycée, from which point you should accompany him or her to class.

If you are late collecting your child at the end of the afternoon, s/he will be taken to the Lycée 'acceuil'. This must be regarded as an exceptional arrangement.


Please inform us immediately by email or telephone if your child is not attending an afternoon session of primary teaching. This helps us to keep teachers informed and to keep an accurate register. You are also asked to inform us about any exceptional problems involving lateness in dropping off or picking your child up.

Email is our preferred means of routine communication. Please ensure that you update the Parent data-base if your email address changes..

The Programme's email adresses

  • Head of Primary: Lisa Woodburn: lwoodburnThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • If your mail concerns a particular teacher or is destined to that teacher, please make this clear, so that it can be forwarded as necessary.

  • For all administrative issues:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Head of Programme:                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Communication with your child's teacher

  • You will receive a written report on your child’s work and progress at the end of the school year in June.

  • Please remember that staff have a supervisory role when waiting with their classes at the end of the afternoon: we ask you to understand that this is not an ideal time to discuss details of your child’s work.

  • It is your right to ask to see (or talk to by telephone if this is enough) your child’s teacher at any moment in the year. Please use email, or telephone to request an appointment.

  • You may also ask to speak to the Head of Programme or make an appointment to see him. Please use the email address above.

  • In the same way, if there is any problem affecting your child or his or her work, we will contact you by email or telephone, and, if necessary, make an appointment to meet. We will act as promptly as possible when we feel that our expectations about work in class, homework, behaviour or attendance are not being met.

  • We appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions on all aspects of the primary Programme, since we believe that we can improve our service by listening to you. Please write to the Head of Primary, using the above email address.

Parents' evenings

Although we hope that the information contained in the primary brochure and on the website is useful, we know that it cannot replace contact between parents and teachers. Because of this, we organise an annual parents’ evening early in the year, normally in the first part of October. You will be invited to spend  30 minutes with the team of teachers who work with your child's level The teachers will present the curriculum for the year, and explain the organisation of the afternoon sessions, homework and other important matters. There will then be time for your questions. At an informal aperitif after the meeting, you will be able to meet other staff, members of the parents’ association, and, of course, other parents.

The first meeting starts at 6.15pm. Full details are sent by letter about two weeks in advance of the meeting, and the date is posted on the Important Dates page on the website. This is always a pleasant as well as a useful occasion, and attendance levels are high.

An individual parent-teacher meeting is organised in late January. An appointment is given, and there is a chance to see your child's class-work before talking to the teacher. All appointments are made by email. The date of this meeting is posted on the Important Dates page of this website and a written reminder is sent home with pupils about two weeks in advance of the meeting.

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