Primary homework

Homework is set by teachers to extend and build upon what is covered in class. It is set every week and is available on the website. It is important that it is done by each pupil as well as possible. It usually involves several components, and must be recorded carefully by the pupil. Since we only see the pupils for one session of three hours per week, we prefer the various tasks set for homework to be spread out during the week. Most homework is to be handed in one week later. We ask parents to give as much help as the child needs, and to assist in planning and tackling homework. Please do not do the work for the pupil.

We expect homework to be done well and handed in on time, and will contact you if this is not the case. Please contact us if you feel your child has any particular difficulties over understanding or completing the homework. Email is the best method for making this sort of contact. Please see the Communications page for addresses.

There is no obligation for children who are absent from the Programme to do the homework for the week. However, if you would like your child to do the homework, please check the website. If you are unable to do this, please speak to the teacher when your child returns to school and s/he will decide whether extra work should be set to catch up.

If your child is absent and the homework depended on work done in class, please encourage your child to read as much as possible in English and to learn / revise spellings.

You should attend the parent-teachers’ meeting at the beginning of the year, which is normally in early October. Your child’s class teacher will give you valuable advice about what types of homework will be set during the year, and how it should be done. Details of this meeting are given out in September and are posted on the Important Dates and Events page on this website.

There is also an individual parent-teacher meeting in late January. Nearly all primary parents attend this important meeting. An appointment system is used and parents are given the chance to read their child's class work book before the interview. You can raise any questions you have about homework and how to support it effectively during this meeting. Details of this meeting are given out about 3-4  weeks in advance and are posted on the Important Dates page on this website.

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