Internal regulations



1. A pupil’s parents shall have joint membership.

2. The three months’ notice of termination of membership provided for in Article 5 of the Statues shall be given to expire at the end of March, June, September or December.

3. Before excluding a member for non-payment of his subscription, the Committee shall invite him in writing to provide an explanation.

General Assembly


4. The General Assembly provided for in Article 4, paragraph 3 of the Statues shall be known as the Annual General Assembly and shall carry out the elections provided for in Article 4, paragraph 2.

5. Further General Assemblies, known as Extraordinary General Assemblies, may be convened by the Committee whenever it considers necessary.

6. The Committee shall convene an Extraordinary General Assembly at the written request of twenty members.


7. The Agenda of the General Assembly shall be drawn up by the Committee. The Committee shall include on the agenda any items specified by the members requesting the convening of an Extraordinary General Assembly.

8. The Agenda shall be adopted at the outset of the General Assembly. Additional items may be included on the Agenda if they are proposed, seconded and adopted by a majority of the members present. Such additional items may not include an amendment to the Statutes.

9. Where the Agenda includes an amendment to the Statutes or the Internal Regulations, the text of the proposed amendment shall be sent out with the Agenda.


10.Each General Assembly shall elect its Chairman, who shall be proposed and seconded by members present.


11.One-third of the membership of Association shall constitute the quorum.

12. The quorum shall be deemed to be constituted unless it is challenged and revealed by a count that there is no quorum present.

13. If it is revealed by a count that the quorum is not present, the Assembly is reconvened two weeks later and is validly constituted whatever the number of members present, but can only consider specific items on the agenda of the earlier Assembly.


14. Parents with joint membership have one vote.

15. Except for elections to the Committee votes are taken by a show of hands.

Election of Committee

16. For the nine basic committee posts, the outgoing committee shall prepare a list of those which are being vacated or where (re)-election is required.

Transition arrangement: at the 1993 AGA, three of the present posts will be assumed valid for one more year, three for two years and three for three years. All posts will require (re)-election as per articles 18 and 19.

17. New candidates should preferably be proposed and seconded in writing to the Secretary of the Association at least five days before the AGA, but may also be accepted from the floor. A list of new candidates and candidates for re-election shall be established at the AGA.

18. If the number of candidates does not exceed the number of posts to be filled, the candidates shall be deemed to be elected without the need for a vote. If several new candidates are thus elected to posts of different remaining duration the first proposed candidate will normally fill the post of longest duration and so on.

19. If a ballot is necessary, each member shall receive a ballot form on which the names of all candidates are present or should be added. The member shall enter a cross against the name of each candidate for whom he/she votes, up to the total number of vacancies to be filled. If several new candidates are elected then the one with the largest number of votes will normally fill the post of longest remaining duration and so on.

20. Polling officers shall be appointed as necessary by the Assembly to scrutinise the counting of the votes..

21. The committee may propose one or two honorary members for additional posts on the committee for the following year. For each such proposal a majority is required by show of hands.

Record of decisions

22. A record of the decisions of the General Assembly shall be kept by the Secretary.



23. The offices of the committee shall be elected by the committee for a period of one year at the meeting following the Annual General Assembly.

24. In the event of a vacancy in the course of the year, a replacement shall be elected to hold office until the end of the year.

25. The offices may be re-elected.


26. Meetings of the Committee are convened by the chairman or by three of its members.


27. The Committee may co-opt additional members to serve until the next Annual General Assembly.


28. The Committee shall draw up the annual budget of the Association so as to cover the financial obligations arising out of its agreement with the Lycee International de Ferney Voltaire.

29. The Committee shall fix an entrance fee payable by members on joining the Association.

30. The Committee shall fix each year, on the basis of the budget, the subscription fees of the members.

31. The Committee may in exceptional cases exempt members from part of the subscription fee.

32. The Committee may decide that subscription fees shall be payable in installments, and shall fix the installment and the date on which they are payable.

Annual report

33. The Committee shall draw up an annual report on its activities, which shall be sent to members with the Agenda of the Annual General Assembly. It shall include the Association’s accounts and a financial report.


Additional information