Parents' Association

The ALA-ELP Association, an association run under the French 1901 law, is the body that levies fees from parents and finances the English National Programme at both primary and secondary levels in the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire. The Association is the Programme's governing body and in accordance with texts on international sections within French state schools, is the employer of all English National Programme staff who are recruited by the Association.

The Association is registered under the name

Association de Langue Anglaise – English Language Programme (ALA-ELP)

No. SIREN 393 377 288

No. SIRET 393 377 288 00013

Registration details can be found in 'Les Journaux Officiels'.

Parents of children admitted to the Programme are members of this Association and elect a committee of 9 members to run it. In addition, the Head of Programme is an ex-officio member. Committee members are elected at the Annual General Assembly (AGA), which normally takes place in May. The mandates of the Committee members are for a period of 3 years and can be extended by re-election at the AGA.

A mandate automatically ceases when a Committee member no longer has a child in the Programme. In the event of a Committee member leaving before the end of their mandate, the Committee can co-opt a replacement, to be proposed for election at the following AGA.

ALA-ELP committee meetings are normally held at CERN, approximately 8 times per year. In addition to the Head of Programme, one or two other members of the Programme's staff also attend each meeting, the teachers taking it in turns to attend.

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